Welcome to the new home of SANAPS, you will find lots of useful information regarding our organisation.

The South African National Association of Progressive Sheriffs (SANAPS) was founded 5 years ago out of a dire need of creating a truly representative body that would support and encourage Government’s transformation imperatives.

Our prime objective is to advance and champion the cause of all Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs and office staff, by engaging with relevant stakeholders. To this end, we are fully recognised by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, the Rules Board, the Banking Forum and the South African Board for Sheriffs.

Our philosophical drive is to do all that is good for the profession, within a democratic framework, that not only enhances and preserves the integrity of the profession but promotes the Human Rights enshrined in our Constitution.

We strive for clean governance at all levels within the profession.

We are affiliated to the Union Internationale Des Huissers De Justice which is a universally recognised Sheriff’s Association by such bodies as the UNO and International Court of Justice. One of our members sits on its executive committee.

Nationally, we are represented in 6 Provinces and hope to extend this soon into 9 Provinces on the appointment of the new Sheriffs.

We assist members on day to day problems, provide solutions, and motivate rule changes and fee increments. We continuously update members on any case law and legislation impacting the profession. Members are kept up to date with on trends and events regarding the profession by regular newsletters.

We protect, preserve and seek new avenues of resources to empower the profession.

Above all: We serve Justice