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Posted On May 30, 2017
Expires On No expiration date set.
Auction 20/06/2017
House Description : 1x Cutting Torch and Pipes, 2x Tressles, 2x Gas Bottles and Trolley, 1x Ladder, 1x Large Sail, 4x Office Chairs, 1x Credenza, 1x 2 Plate Stove, 1x Lot Tools, 1x Lot Various Loose Scrap, Items and Spares, 1x SCF Fan, 1x Compressor, 3x Steel Tables, 1x Spraybooth Complete, 2x Trolleys, 1x Desk File Holder, 1x Office Desk, 1x Camera Stand
Jurisdiction : Meyerton
Duration 3 Weeks

A sale by public action will be held by the Sheriff of Meyerton on Tuesday 20th June 2017 at 12.00 at 60 Pilkingtons Industrial Park, Cnr Johan Le Roux and Morris Streets, Meyerton.The following items will be for sale:

1.1 x Cutting Torch and Pipes

2.1 x Tressles

3.1 x 2x Gas Bottles and Trolley

4.1 x Ladder

5.1 x Large Sail

6.1 x 4 x Office Chairs

7.1 x Credenza

8.1 x 2 Plate Stove

9.1 x Lot Tools

10.1 x Lot Varous Loose Scrap, Items and Spares

11.1 x SCF Fan

12.1 x Compressor

13.1 x 3 x Steel Tables

14.1 x Spraybooth Complete

15.1 x 2 x Trolleys

16.1 x Desk File Holder

17.1 x Office Desk

18.1 x Camera Stand

Fica documents are required to register and R750.00 registration deposit.Registration starts at 13.00hrs.Goods maybe view from 11.00 to 12.00hrs.All goods purchased are for cash and must be removed before 16.30.Should goods not be removed by 16.30 storage will be charged.